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80-01-2160 6′ Red Coiled Lanyard for Breakaway Plunger-Spencer Trailer Parts


The best replacement for your damaged or frayed cable, The Fastway ZIP eliminates cable fray and protects your fingers from loose, sharp wire.

It keeps your cable off the ground and out of harm’s way while you’re towing and is a 
safer, more reliable connection from your tow vehicle to your trailer.

There is a ZIP breakaway cable to fit every trailer. We have two different cable lengths in 3 different styles. The 
4′ cables are recommended for bumper pull trailers, and the 6′ cables fit gooseneck or 5th wheel trailers.

An entire breakaway safety system replacement- include a switch box with the coiled cable.

The pin is compatible with all ZIP switches, most Bargman brand breakaway switches and other makes with similar pin styles.

The ZIP universal cable replacement is designed with a split ring to easily thread onto your existing pin.

The ZIP is the 
best breakaway cable you can buy. The unique coiled cable of the ZIP easily stretches to your tow vehicle and clips right on with the included carabiner. There is no looping over and around the trailer tongue to keep the cable out of the way. It is faster, easier and safer than standard breakaway cables.

The ZIP quickly replaces your current breakaway system with its coated, high-strength coiled cable, split ring and easy-to-use carabiner. Replacing your bad cable is quick and easy. Just clip your bad cable off the pin, then thread your switch pin onto the ZIP’s split ring. With a new ZIP cable, you won’t have to hassle with a dragging, frayed or broken breakaway cable, which means both you and your trailer are much 
safer on the road!

Size 6 foot in length.


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